Biddy’s Cwmglyn Cheese Blog 3.

This morning when I opened my emails I found the following one from MPI. Lots of sites on it to give my computer constipation.

Hi Biddy

Thank you for your inquiry. As you are aware, MPI has a Raw Milk Products Notice and associated Code of Practice (COP). The Notice can be found at the link below: The Notice sets out the requirements a farm dairy and cheese processor has to meet.  The Notice has been in place since 2009 and the requirements have not changed.

In terms of the COP, this is one of the key ways in which you can demonstrate you meet the requirements of the Notice. An RMP amendment that follows the provisions in the COP can expect to move through evaluation and registration unimpeded. The  COP is not the only way you can meet the notice, but alternative methods would need to demonstrate that the requirements of the notice are met. The link to the COP is:  Dairy – Additional Measures for Raw Milk Products – Code of Practice

If you require help in updating your processes to include the requirements for raw milk products, then you could engage a consultant. A list of consultants is available on the MPI website at the following link:

Should you wish to proceed with manufacturing raw milk cheese for sale, then you will need to have your programme evaluated and apply for a significant amendment to your current RMP, enabling raw milk cheese to be added to the scope of your RMP. MPI’s approvals team are able to assist you through this process. You can contact the approvals team at

I trust the above information answers your questions.  We look forward to receiving your application in due course, and working with you into the future.





Natalie Collins |  Manager Dairy Products
Animal and Animal Products Directorate | Regulation and Assurance Branch
Ministry for Primary Industries – Manatū Ahu Matua | Pastoral House 25 The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington | New Zealand
Telephone: 64-4-894 2537 | Facsimile: 64-4-894 2643| Mobile: 64-(0)29-894 2537| Web:

As it is rather late in the day at this point (old ladies are not supposed to look at computer screens before retiring for the night as this induces insomnia) – on the other hand my friend Anna reckons that actually reading this sort of stuff, actually sends you to sleep…

I shall post my further actions in response to Natalie Collins in due course.

Meantime here is a picture of my cow Holly.






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